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  • All new listings will be checked by an editor before the Listing goes live. This is so we can check that you are a member of our Facebook group, all links are working and listing has been proofread.


  • We may ask you to verify your ethical credentials or provide more information. We will contact you using the email address provided when you sign up.


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  • We reserve the right to reject any listings we do not deem appropriate for the site. In this case a full refund will be provided.


  • It is your responsibility to update your listing should any information change. If you cease trading you must inform us immediately by writing to


  • We will actively promote the directory and members across our social media platforms and to our press/blogger/industry contacts. However, we cannot guarantee that this will result in press coverage. You are responsible for following up with any opportunities.


  • By submitting a listing you accept responsibility for that listing and warrant that you are the author and have acquired all appropriate rights and/or permissions to submit it. #EthicalHour accept no responsibility or liability for any infringement of third party rights by such listings or consents.


  • #EthicalHour will not be liable in any way or under any circumstances for any loss or damage that you may incur as a result of such listings, nor for any errors or omissions in listings. Use of and reliance upon listings is entirely at your own risk.


  • Gold listing holders are able to showcase customer reviews on their pages. If you feel a review is unfair or inaccurate, please contact us at to discuss.
  • If you wish to remove your listing/cancel your membership at any time you must notify us in writing to If you cancel later than 14 days from the day your listing goes live you will not be entitled to a refund for the time remaining.


  • Your annual listing will not automatically renew. We will contact you prior to your renewal date. If you do wish to renew but payment is not received by the renewal date, your listing will be removed or hidden until we receive payment.
  • Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that all information provided on this website is accurate and up to date, #EthicalHour accepts no responsibility for any actions taken or any goods/services provided by any listed business (save for the screening and approval of listings) and makes no guarantee of any specific results from the use of our services.


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